Covid-19: An update on our activity

Over the last few months, the York Cares team have been working hard to update our activities to ensure that employee-volunteering can still take place across our programmes. For most of our activity, apart from Team Challenges, things will be delivered virtually. This may mean resources being developed and pre-recorded, or it may be taking part in a live session. Whatever the activity is, we’re here to support employee-volunteers to get involved.

On each of the programme pages on the website we have outlined how the programme is running, so for more information about a specific programme please refer to these pages.

We will continue to send out our opportunities bulletin to our members which outlines the current opportunities and how to get involved. As the situation changes, we will continue to update you on how our activity is evolving.

It’s been great to see employee-volunteers continue making York a better place during the pandemic and we’re always looking for new employee-volunteers to get involved. For more information, contact us at, we’d love to hear from you.