Getting outside during February!

Throughout February, we’re encouraging people to get outside! Every week we will be sharing a resource, which hopefully will motivate you to spend some time in whatever green space accessible to you. The main aim of this is to try to alleviate some of the stress and low mood that we know many of us are experiencing at the moment, by getting outside and doing something good for yourself, or your community. 

In Week One we will be sharing an ‘Around the Block Scavenger Hunt’. This is a great activity to do with your family, or even on your own during your daily walk. You might even find a new coffee shop or cafe on your hunt! 

In Week Two we will be sharing a mindfulness activity. Practicing mindfulness in a quiet, outdoor space is thought to help people feel grounded and gain some calm and clarity in their day – and we hope you find this too! 

In Week Three we will be sharing a ‘Litter Picking Bingo’ resource. Our shared outdoor spaces are more important than ever right now, and in the spirit of our Team Challenges programme, why not get outside and help look after these spaces? Please see the infographic for some more guidance on this activity

Finally, in Week Four, we will be sharing a ‘Creature Hunt’ task. Lockdown doesn’t apply to the critters in your local spaces, so why not go on a walk and try to spot as many as possible!