Starting Blocks

This nationally acclaimed programme provides supported work experience opportunities for care experienced young people, who are some of the most vulnerable young people in our city.

Care experienced young people often have family instability and a disrupted education. This can lead to poor academic attainment and low self-esteem. Finding a job can be hard and many face unemployment.

By giving these young people an insight into the working environment, you can provide them with the practical skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviours that they need to secure employment and improve their life chances. 

‘Behind the Scenes’ visit:  introduce young people to the range of roles available in your organisation. Typically this involves a tour, opportunity to meet staff, information about industry roles and a mock hands-on activity.

Skills workshop: deliver a short activity for a group of young people to get involved with to help improve their understanding of routes to employment and work practice.

Work placement: provide part-time, flexible work experience for young people and match them with an employee ‘buddy’ to support them and boost their confidence.

Read about an Interview Skills Workshop hosted by employee volunteers from Aviva here.

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