Annual Programme 2019

In our first blog post of 2019, we wanted to let you know about some of the great opportunities to look forward to over coming year. If your New Year’s resolution is to do more volunteering, or you fancy getting out and helping in your local community, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. You can see our full Annual Programme here.

Some things to look forward to …

In March and July we will be training new Right to Read volunteers – these volunteers will get out into local schools to help children with their reading at just an hour a week commitment.

We also have our Aspirations, Skills Share and Starting Blocks projects continuing throughout the year- these projects hope to share insight and inspiration with young people and local businesses.

Our Annual Stakeholder meeting will be taking place in April with leaders from the private, public and charity sectors coming together to discuss key social issues.

And finally, we are excited for our Big Community Challenge taking place in June in which a whole host of employee-volunteers from local businesses will work together to transform a community space in just three days.

This is just a taster of what is to come this year and we hope to get as many volunteers on board as possible. Let’s work together to make York a better place in 2019!