CU in the City is back with a bang!

This month will see our third Children’s University CU in the City event when we’ll be finding out what makes fireworks look so brilliant; the science behind chocolate and  a host of other fun facts…

The free events led by academics from the University of York and local entrepreneurs aim to provide engaging activities for children aged 7-11 and their families, and with five to choose from there should be something to suit everyone.

The events will be taking place between Monday 9 and Thursday 19 February and whirr into action with a session entitled ‘Can robots be our friends?’ Participants will be joined by dancing and flying robots as they discover how these electro-mechanical machines are inspired by the natural world and are evolving to become intelligent. And it’s up to them to decide whether they think they could be friends with a robot.

Those with a sweet tooth can join experts from York Cocoa House and immerse themselves in the world of chocolate. Children can aspire to be the next Willy Wonka and learn about the science and secrets of chocolate and even get the chance to make their own chocolate lollipop. We’re expecting lots of sticky fingers!

Other events include ‘Colourful Chemistry’ which will explore colours and how they can explain the world around us; ‘Let there be light!’ during which we will discover a world of light with hands on activities that will include lasers and plasma balls; and ‘The Big Freeze’ in which participants will have the chance to find their inner-explorer and discover more about the Antarctic and the icy home of penguins and seals.

Having attracted over 240 children and families to our last series of events in September, we are confident these events will once again be very popular. We have more CU in the City events planned for June and September so if you have an idea which could capture the imagination of children and their families please let us know.