Fun with Numbers Internship: Guest Blog

In the final year of my Psychology degree at the University of York, I have worked as an intern for York Cares and the University of York Psychology Department. It has been an exciting and eye-opening experience. My role has involved developing an intervention programme – ‘Fun with Numbers’ – for primary school children who struggle with maths. The intervention will involve volunteers going into schools to build children’s confidence and
positive attitudes towards maths using fun maths games.

During my internship, I have researched and developed game ideas, and created resources for these games which can be used in schools. I have also evaluated their effectiveness through focus groups with children, responding to feedback to create the most engaging and educational resources for this intervention. Trying out the games with children in the school focus groups and experiencing their enjoyment and learning first-hand has been one of the
most rewarding parts of the process for me!

The Fun with Numbers project has truly opened my eyes to the importance of maths confidence in young children. Through research and practical application, I have learnt a lot about how common maths anxiety is in children (and through to adulthood), and how far-reaching the benefits of good maths skills can be. This project will make such a valuable difference to children’s lives, and I am honoured to have been part of it. I would highly
recommend getting involved with the work of York Cares, and would especially encourage anyone considering becoming a volunteer for this project.