Golden Moments 2017

Last night was our annual Golden Moments awards. The event brought together over 100 employee-volunteers, their employers and the community organisations they have supported to congratulate them on the contribution they have made to the city over the past 12 months.

BBC Radio York presenter Elly Fiorentini hosted the evening, interviewing volunteers about their award winning activities. The awards were presented to volunteers from eleven York businesses by Cllr Barbara Boyce, the Lord Mayor of York. The compere for the evening was Andrew Ferguson from the University of York who is the longest standing board member.

After an ice-breaker activity where we learnt that one of the attendees had a certificate for ostrich riding, and that another was an ex-professional footballer, the awards began!

There were ten Golden Moments awards and eight Golden Moments of the Year awards which went to volunteers who had taken part in a range of activities across the whole York Cares programme. The first awards to be announced were the Golden Moments awards which recognise the impact of volunteers in the city.

The winners of the Golden Moments awards were:

  • The Aviva Women’s Network for their work on the Girl’s Enrichment Mentoring scheme
  • Adam Shore from the University of York’s Department of Physics for his work on the robotics workshop and Space Day for York Children’s University
  • Richard Elam from Evora Construction for supporting a looked after young person on the Bright Futures programme
  • Christine Banham’s team from Aviva for their Team Challenge at Rowntree Park
  • Lynda Baker from ADVA Optical Networking for her commitment to leading CSR activities within the organisation
  • Chris Hopkins’ team from Aviva for organising a Christmas Party at Barstow House
  • Team from Nestle for organising a tea party at Windsor House older people’s home
  • Sally Holich from Aviva for her enthusiasm in getting her colleagues involved in Team Challenges
  • NatWest and John Lewis for working together to support an enterprise activity at Park Grove school
  • Karen Millar from Aviva for sharing her skills to support York Literature Festival

It was then time for the ‘Big Thank You’ where Elly Fiorentini interviewed three of the community partners that volunteers have worked with over the last year. One of the community partners that was interviewed was Stephen Collins, the Manager of Tang Hall Community Centre where the Big Community Challenge 2017 took place in June.

“The difference that volunteers made over the three days at the centre was phenomenal. There’s so much great stuff that goes on in the centre and we wanted the outside of the centre to reflect that. Thanks to all of the volunteers who took part, now it does. It really has put smiles on everyone’s faces an transformed the centre. Thank you!” said Stephen Collins.

The second set of awards were then announced. This time it was the Golden Moments of the Year 2017 were to volunteers whose contributions were deemed to be outstanding.

The winners of Golden Moments of the Year 2017 were:

  • Benenden for undertaking a Team Challenge at Broadstone Way play area
  • Tom Hepburn from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for developing and delivering the Environment module for primary schools
  • Lindsay Brown’s team from Aviva for hosting a crafternoon at Windsor House
  • Aviva for developing and delivering an interview skills workshop for looked after young people
  • Mick Stone and colleagues from Portakabin for supporting the Big Community Challenge at Tang Hall Community Centre
  • University of York Mailroom and Royal Mail for delivering the Post-It module
  • Owen Daggett from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for developing and delivering Project Dare at Joseph Rowntree School
  • Julia Steele’s team from Nestle for supporting the design and implementation of a memory trail at Haxby Hall

Congratulations to all the award winners and thank you to everyone who helped make the Golden Moments Awards such a fantastic event!