Team Challenge Week 2018

From 15 to 18 October, over 80 volunteers went out of their way to help make a difference at 4 different sites across the city.

On Tuesday morning, teams from Vangarde, The Partners Group and Nestle all headed to York Cemetery to rejuvenate the Butterfly Walk area. This area was in need of a little TLC following the heatwave that we have had as the brambles and weeds had gone wild. Following the session, there wasn’t a weed in sight and the Butterfly Walk was refreshed to make way for more visitors to enjoy. It is always incredible to see how much a team can get done in just a few hours of volunteering.

Hull Road Park had a team comprising of volunteers from Vangarde, Yorkshire Bank and York Designer Outlet on Tuesday afternoon. Kristina set them the challenge of laying the new hard core to extend the footpath in the park. The team managed to create an additional 20 metres of footpath through the park which is now looking great! This has made the park much more accessible to a wider group of people and also given the park  a well-deserved refresh.

On Wednesday Beki and Jenny welcomed volunteers from Vangarde, John Lewis, Nestle and JWPCreers to Clifton Backies to cut down the trees and hedging that were encroaching on the busy cycle path that runs through the site. Whilst doing this, the teams did a litter pick to clear up the area that was sheltered by the hedging and managed to collect: 12 bags of litter, a small rug, various kitchen items, garden nettings and 2 bikes! The teams left with the site looking completely different and made the path much more accessible to the public.

Thursday started off as a chilly and frosty morning but this was no issue for the teams from Vangarde, Johnsons of Whixley and Lendlease. The teams set to work on the raised beds of beans and managed to clear the lot! The afternoon session was the stark opposite of the morning session weather wise and was perfect for the teams from Portakabin and TSP – Portakabin were especially appreciative due to one of their previous challenges in the downpour at Big Community Challenge. In total, throughout the entire day, the teams managed to get so much done and the difference was amazing!

A big big thank you to all of our volunteers last week, what a huge difference that has been made across 4 sites in our wonderful city! A special thanks to Louise from Greenfields, Clive from York Cemetery and Beki, Kristina and Jenny from City of York Council for helping our teams out at their Challenges!