Team Challenges spring into action

Now that summer has arrived, Team Challenges have sprung into action with over 150 volunteers taking part in a variety of projects across the city. From painting to pruning, our volunteers have gone above and beyond to transform some of York’s community areas and open spaces in only a few hours.

Kick-starting our summer programme was an Aviva Team Challenge at the graveyard of legendary highwayman Dick Turpin, which was in desperate need of some attention. Tasks included pruning and creating a new bark chip pathway for the area. The volunteers demonstrated a fantastic team effort throughout the day.

A team from Network Rail spent the day with York Greenway Champions, a charity dedicated to protecting green corridors and cycle paths throughout the city. The volunteers worked hard to transform a maze at Escrick Sidings, as well as creating a woodland footpath where they came across frogs, newts and bee orchids. The team have even set up a second challenge day to enable them to continue working on the area later in the summer!

Poppleton Community Railway Nursery (PCRN), the last of its kind in Britain, benefitted from the input of an Aviva team who worked enthusiastically on one of the hottest days of the year! The team commented that they had  ‘heaps of fun’ assisting with a variety of gardening tasks, whilst Graham Collet, Committee Member for PCRN, noted how grateful the Nursery was for the valuable help the team provided in helping to  keep the railway heritage alive.

We have seen everything this summer from York Marriott Hotel bashing balsam and donating a new gate to West Bank Park to Aviva giving Victoria Park a fun, colourful makeover by painting their play equipment and Fera’s Plant Virology team putting their plant knowledge to the test whilst gardening at York Cemetery. We would like to thank all volunteers who have been involved in Team Challenges this summer for ensuring that we can provide support to the community even during the holiday period.

Team Challenges are a fantastic way to get out and do something different with your team whilst making a real impact in your local community. If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be able to set you up with an opportunity to suit you.