The York Cares team get their gardening gloves on

Last week it was our turn to get stuck in to some volunteering! The whole York Cares team rolled up our sleeves, pulled up our hoods, and took to the garden at Gale Farm Court to give it a trim… all after some tea and cake of course!
Each year we enjoy going out as a team and taking part in some volunteering. It’s a great way for us to work together in a different way and for us to give back to the community. This year we went spent that afternoon at Gale Farm Court which is a sheltered housing scheme in York. Many residents at Gale Farm Court are keen to be able to make more of the garden area though it is currently a bit overgrown and not very colourful

When we arrived we met with members of the resident’s committee and chatted over tea and cake about their long term vision for the garden. There were lots of great ideas such as putting in some seating so that residents could sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, creating a raised bed to add some colour to the garden, and even creating an area for growing fruit and vegetables for the more green fingered residents. It was clear from chatting to the residents that there was a lot of excitement at the prospect of a more inviting garden.

With a couple of hours left, it was time for us to head into the garden an give it a bit of a trim! Despite it being August, it was tipping it down so we got togged up (with some of us being better prepared than others!) and into the garden we went.

As the garden transformation is something we hope a team of employee volunteers will get involved in, we wanted to spend our time trimming back the overgrown areas of the garden to make it tidier and easier for residents to get around. In just a couple of hours we managed to fill 8 bin bags with garden waste, and many of the residents commented on how much better it already looked! One of the residents of Gale Farm Court said, “You’ll never know how grateful we are that you have been.” This really demonstrated the impact that volunteers can have.
It was a brilliant afternoon and we had a great time working as a team to make a difference. I’m already looking forward to volunteering again, though perhaps I will do a sun dance in preparation next time!
Georgia Everall, Volunteering Project Officer, York Cares