There has been a hive of activity at Nestlé York

Back in February we were invited to take part in the York Festival of Ideas. The Festival of Ideas is organised by the University of York celebrating a different topic each year. This year’s topic was ‘Infinite Horizons’.


After discussing the festival with Nestlé – it was mentioned that the company were working to install beehives at their York site as part of a research topic and to encourage more bees into the city centre! Antonio, my contact at Nestlé, was especially keen to discuss how we could utilise their development on the Nestle site for the festival and include a talk for children on how the bees and beehives help with innovation, inspire future Nestlé products and improve biodiversity!


Antonio invited the York and District Beekeepers Association to be involved and they were able to provide a wonderful talk on bees and provide fun facts for children for the festival along with Antonio who provided a talk around innovation and how we can use bees as an example to explain the importance of innovation. We thought that this would be a great way to inspire children to consider ways of innovation with their own ideas and finding solutions to potential problems that might appear in a project.


You can find out more about their contribution to the Festival of Ideas held in June through the link below:  Keep Calm, Innovate and Bee Yourself


Since the end of the festival in June, Nestlé York have been busy setting up their beehive! The bees arrived in July and have sparked many different innovation ideas! The success of the programme has seen the company start to consider having  more beehives at their  sites across the UK and Ireland in the future which will help boost the number of bees and improve biodiversity!


You can find out more about their work through the following link below.


We wish the bees and Nestlé all the best in this exciting new venture!


The York Cares Team