Welcome to the York Cares Ambassador Homepage. We hope you find the following link helpful. 

Ambassador Padlet: York Cares Ambassadors (padlet.org)

We hope you enjoy using this padlet and sharing content with other York Cares Ambassadors. 

Ambassadors will be able to share links, post content and comment on posts. 

We have left a suggestions tab for you to provide input on any ideas you may have for the padlet. We will also remove the ‘Plan’ posts once content starts to appear. 

Please note that while you can post content, these will need to be approved by York Cares before they are uploaded. This is to ensure that the padlet remains secure. 

We will be notified once a post has been submitted and this will be reviewed Monday-Friday.

If you have any issues or questions relating to this page or padlet, please contact info@yorkcares.co.uk

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