Membership benefits

Join 40 employers in York to help make the city a better place. Plus you can enjoy numerous benefits at the same time.

Volunteering made easy

We make it easy for businesses to invest in the local community and maximise their impact by designing and delivering a co-ordinated volunteering programme which provides a broad range of reliable, safe and thoroughly checked out opportunities.

 A tailored approach

Our flexible programme enables you to mix and match opportunities to develop a tailored volunteering programme which reflects your business needs and maximises the impact of your engagement in the local community. We work with an employee co-ordinator within your organisation to promote our annual programme of volunteering opportunities.

 Networking opportunities

We offer unique networking opportunities between public, private, voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations which aim to bridge the gap between sectors and develop collaborative and mutually beneficial working relationships.

PR opportunities

We attract local, regional and national attention through media coverage and our social media networks. Through York Cares, you can access award-winning volunteering programmes.


Our annual Golden Moments Awards ceremony, presented by BBC Radio York broadcasters, provides an opportunity to thank employee-volunteers for their contribution to the city, and celebrate their worthwhile achievements.

Employer of choice

Research shows that today’s employee wants to work for a business which is socially responsible and invests in their local community. By providing opportunities for your employees to volunteer, you will have a positive impact on staff motivation, development and loyalty and enhance your reputation as an employer of choice.