The Aspirations programme provides opportunities for employee-volunteers to inspire secondary school pupils about possible futures, thereby motivating them to aim higher and work harder in school.

Who is it for?

● Teams of employee-volunteers can volunteer on a one off basis or over a series of sessions

How does it work?

Employee-volunteers bring the world of work to life by challenging young people with real-world problem solving activities and empowering them to succeed.

Get involved

● For employee-volunteers who are interested in taking part, contact us on We will then discuss your ideas and begin scoping an inspiring activity with you.
● For schools who are interested in gaining support from employee-volunteers, contact us on

For more reasons to get involved, read this case study about when TSP Projects delivered Project Dare in March 2019.

Watch a video of Ronan talking about the Aspirations programme.

Read our Children and Young People’s Safeguarding Policy.

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