Aspirations aims to inspire disadvantaged young people aged 11-16 about possible futures through personal encounters with people at work and university, motivating them to aim higher and work harder in school.

These young people will often be those who have limited access to role models, professional networks and opportunities and no experience of higher education in their family. It is likely that they will lack confidence, motivation and have limited aspirations.

This programme seeks to bring the world of work to life by challenging young people with real-world problem-solving and empowering them to succeed.

Group Mentoring: Run sessions about personal values, qualities and skills to give 15 year olds the confidence to navigate their future and achieve their true potential.

Takeover Days: Host a visit to your workplace for 13 & 14 year olds and challenge them to apply their academic learning to solve a real world task in industry. This day can be supported by university students as volunteer coaches to help young people make the most of the experience.

Read about a workplace day hosted by Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Case study – Project Dare